Investment Opportunities in Gwadar

January 4, 2022

Potential Investment sectors in Gwadar

Gwadar offers enormous business opportunities for both local and f oreign Potential Investors. T he key
industries suited to Gwadar include P ort centered service industries such as Fisheries, p etro chemical
industry, tourism, trade logistic s and P ort centered processing and manufacturing industries such as
assembling of oil storage, refining, transpor t equipment, ship breaking, food & building materials
processing , home appliances manufacturing electronics and Information industry.

Reasons for Investing in Gwadar

High Level Safety and Security ; The primary concern for an investor is safety and security of his/her
investment. However, in Gwadar, the good news for an investor is that t he responsibility for safety and
security investors and r esidents of Gwadar falls under the umbrella of the Pakistan government and
Pakistan military. This is the reason existing investors are feeling confident about their safety and
security in Gwadar.

Introduction and Implementation of concept of Gwadar free zones; to reduce enterprises’
comprehensive cost and to enhance Gwadar attractiveness to the foreign investment, preferential tax
policies including exemption on the import of machinery, equipment’s and raw materials for plant
construction , have been implemented to facilitate and attract the potential investors.

Lower Production cost for the Potential industries; Pre ferential policies relating to Land rent, water and electricity costs for the potential industries by granting fiscal subsidies, tax exemption or reduced rates are proposed to attract foreign investment.

Lucrative Business Opportunities in the Tourism sector, when it comes to natural beauty, Gwadar is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. B usinesses relating to recreational, leisure and entertainment activities, can avail this great opportunity for the lucrative profits/returns
Significant Return on Investment (ROI), For a prudent property investor , primary goal is to look for
properties that appreciates over a long period. As per experts, keeping in view of recent development
and approval of Master Plan, Gwadar’s property value will appreciate significantly in future.

Attractive prospect of Industrial Growth; Gwadar is going to become t he economic hub of not just
Balo chistan, but the whole of Pakistan. Gwadar enjoys rich fishery resources with great potential to be
tapped. But its fishery industry is still in its infancy using primary method of development. Potential
Investor can target this sector and enjoy lucrative profits for the long term.
International Standard of infrastructure and amenities; Gwadar port and mega oil city are international projects undertaken jointly by China and Pakistan, they will provide amenities and infrastructure that is truly world class to the investors. People who have seen this dusty town being transformed into a major economic hub of Pakistan are sure that their investment in Gwadar real estate is sound and safe.
Alertness of real estate agent; one can see lots of real estate agents moving and working in Gwadar
now. These agents sense the kind of opportunities that lie ahead for them as businessmen start to
arrive in Gwadar. The presence of so many real estate agents in Gwadar confirms the fact that they will
trigger construction of places to not just live but also work and recreation. The charm of Gwadar real
estate will soon translate into residential and commercial structures in this port city.

Major Memorandum & Cooperation and Understanding (MoU) signed

Gwadar Oil City and Saudi Investment in Mega Oil Refinery; the following are the high level
between Government of Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
a. Direct foreign investment about $9 billion will be made by Saudi Arabia to build largest refinery
b. This will reduce $16 million petroleum import bill
c. Create 1500 direct employment for professionals and indirect employment to 3000
d. Many other Oil marketing and distribution companies as well logistics companies will be setup
e. Also create opportunities to export oil to China which at present get 50% oil from middle east

► Installation of 300MW Power Plant in Gwadar, to overcome electricity issues for the supply reliable
electricity for the development of industrial and commercial projects in Gwadar, sponsored by China
Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC)
New Gwadar International Airport, Construction of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA), along with
allied facilities for new airport that will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, Airbus, (A
300), Boeing (B 737) and Boeing (B 747) for domestic as well international routes, sponsored by
Chinese Government Grant.
Gwadar East bay express; t he Construction of East bay Expressway is the main artery of Gwadar Port
through which the entire traffic of port will flow. The objective of East bay Expressway is providing
primary connectivity of the Port & its Free Zone with the network o f National Highways. Linking Gwadar
Port with the main artery of national highway network and smooth logistic transportation of import,
export and transit goods, finance through Government interest free loan.
Pak China Friendship Hospital; t his project will aim at creating state of the art medical facility in the
port city of Gwadar , finance by Chine Government Grant.