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The majority of population consists of Balochs. Balochi is spoken with a different dialect from that spoken in Dera Bugti and Kohlu. Historically the society in Gwadar was divided in three social strata Hakims, Balochs and Hizmatgars locally known as Darzadas or Gholams. Hakims constituted privileged class of the society, Baloch being intermediary calss and Hizmatgars who were the lowest socio-economic stratum of the society. But those social class boundaries lost their existence between once Baloch Nationalism took routes in Makran.

Kalmatis, Mehdizais, Kaundais, Rais, Sangurs, Shehzadas, etc represent the important groups among the Baloch.


Fish is commonly used as a major food in the coastal area of Balochistan. People prefer dried or boiled fish. Rich men slaughter goat and sheep occasionally for the entertainment of their guests. The coastal area has a variety of fish and seafood from tunas, shrimps and lobsters to snappers-groakers grunters, sardines, sharps and skates.




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