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Gwadar Development Authority is committed to develop Gwadar town as one of the Modern cities of the Pakistan. As there is not a single piece of land owned by Government, so Gwadar Development Authority is only a regulatory body:

  • Regulate the Land Use and Implement the Plans.

  • Provides No Objection Certificates to the Public & Private sponsors for their project after examining the required documents.

  • Monitor the public / private schemes/project regularly till completion and provide the public facilities mentioned in the Master Plan.

  • Economic Free Zone

  • Subsidized Electricity

  • 5 Roads Connecting Gwadar with rest of the Countries (Afghanistan, China and India) Secondary access to all Central Asian Countries


Task Gigantic-Resources Scarce - Hence a special strategy devised:

  1. Encourage the private sector to invest every where.
  2. GDA to work as a facilitator / regulator.
    NOCs Issued No. of Schemes

    Total Area

    Residential 77 14,210.604 Acres
    Industrial 16 2,274.87 Acres
    Commercial 06 299.84 Acres
    Recreational 04 381 Acres
  3. Strategy of gradual decongestion of old town.
  4. On Govt: side the sequence will be
    • Identify the area/project
    • Workout rough cost and prepare PC-I on these basis
    • Approach Federal and Provincial Government for grant
    • Prioritize components of the projects keeping in view the availability of resources/needs
    • Get these PC-Is approved from the Governing Body of GDA and share it with Federal/Provincial Government from where we received the grants
    • Components be selected/designed in a manner that after utilizing the available money the portion becomes functional
    • Road-only right of the way & service lanes now

    right of way-got land free from big schemes: small holder will be paid compensation: New Town affectees will be offered plots in extended New Town/Sanghar Housing Scheme or pay compensation.

List Of The NOCs Issued upto March, 2018 By Gwadar Development Authority

Project Name
Type of Scheme
Area in (Acre)
Location (Mouza)
Director / Owner
N.O.C. Date
Address Contact No.
Present Status
Creek City Housing 113.8 Ankara Juniobi M. Asif Moon.
Mohd Rafique
16/01/04 02/04/H.S GDA Office No.4 Mezzanine Floor, Mazhar Arcade, Plot No. 15/121, Block - 3, B.M.C.H.S, Alamgir Road, Karachi. Phone: 021-34920470 & 021-34920472 mob:0300-8486242 & 0345-3171117 NOC Stands Expired
New World City Housing 300 Dhore Ghati Taloo Builders 20/01/04 01/04/H.S GDA Mohd Junaid Taloo, Mir Dad Karim2- Ground Floor Dashtiyar Chamber Block 13-C, Opp: Urdu Science College MainUniversity Road, Karachi
NOC Stands Expired
Golden Palm Housing 1000 Ankara Juniobi Associate Builder 20/01/04 03/04/H.S GDA Shams-Ud-din106- Cotton Exchange Building I.I. Chundrigar Karachi. 0864-211266
NOC Stands Expired
GDA Housing Scheme No.5 Housing 290 Dhore Ghatti Taloo Builders 13/08/04 05/04/H.S/ GDA Junaid Ashraf Tallo,2- Ground Floor Dashtiyar  Chamber Block 13-C, Opp: Urdu Science College Main,  University Road, Karachi0864-211515, 021-4977171, 021-4977172, 021-4977173 NOC Stands Expired
Gwadar Royal Garden Housing 125 Moza Shabi Abdul Ghafoor Watto. 13/08/04 06/04/H.S/GDA(B)
Abdul Ghafoor watto,5-Tipu sultan Block Near Garden Town, Lahore.042-5843204, 0864-2110600300-2551536 NOC Stands Expired
Green Palms Gwadar Housing 296.52 Mouzani Imtiaz Rafi Butt 28/08/04 07/04/H.S/GDA(B)
Empire Center, 9-K, Main Boulevard Gulberg-II, Lahore Phone: 042-35712667-70, 042-35712672 UAN 042-111-111-493 NOC restored conditionally
Platinum City Housing 110.05 Mouzani Mohd. Ahmed Iqbal Baloch 28/08/04 08/04/H.S/GDA(B) Mohammad Ahmed Iqbal,Plaza suite, 207 2nd Floor, Khayban-E-Iqbal Block-9, Clifton, Karachi.042-5863835 NOC Stands Expired
Globiz Avenue (old West Bay) Housing 86 Ankara Junabi Tanveer A.Sidiqi 09/09/04 09/04/H.S /GDA
Globiz Avenue 473 - G III 1st Floor Main Boulevard Near UBL Bank  Johar Town Lahore. UAN 042 - 111414243 NOC Stands Expired
Globiz Avenue Phase-II Housing 100 Ankara Junabi Tanveer A.Sidiqi 13/10/04 10/04/H.S/GDA
Globiz Avenue 473 - G III 1st Floor Main Boulevard Near UBL Bank  Johar Town Lahore. UAN 042 - 111414243 NOC Stands Expired
White Pearl City Housing 218.36 Ankara shamali Ali Raza Chaudhry, Asif Shami, Chaudhry Yaseen, Iqbal Perani 26/10/04 11/04/H.S/GDA Ali Raza,297,Y, Commercial zone,Phase-3 DHA, Cantt:, Lahore. 042-5743271 NOC Stands Expired
Jinnah City Housing 100 Kia kalat Mansoor Ahmed 03/12/2004 12/04/H.S/GDA (B) Mansoor Ahmed Hoth,Jinnah Builders & Developers, Fish Harbour Road, Gwadar.0864-211598 NOC restored conditionally
Hermain City Housing 160 Peliri Gurbi Javed M.Hasani

Haji Mastan Brohi

08/12/2004 13/04/HS/GDA (B)
Office # SB-15/2, First Floor, Gulshan Palace, near K.F.C, Main University road Karachi Ph#  021-34199909 NOC restored conditionally
Model Town Gwadar Housing 200 Mozzani Tauqeer Ahmed  04/02/2005 14/05/HS/GDA(B). TS Developer
2 - S, 1st Floor, Commercial Phase - II, DHA., Lahore
Phone No.
042-35742574, 042-35707064-65-66
NOC Stands Expired
Madina City Housing 163 Kia–e-kalat Hymun saeed
Huzeifa Associate
07/02/2005 15/05/HS/GDA (B).  Huzaifa Associates Builders & Developers Suit # 904, Shaheen center DC-5  Shoun Circle Block 7, Clifton Karachi phone # 021-35364012-22 NOC Stands Expired
Inara City Housing 30 Chaib Kalmati Mubarak Ali 11/04/2005 16/05/HS/GDA (B).
Mubark Ali Rajab, 5,Anarkali,C-S-10,OPP.Aga Khan School, Aisha Manzil,Block 7,F.BArea Karachi021-6312638 NOC Stands Expired
Koh-I-Noor Savanah Housing 40 kia–e-kalat Mian Adnan 29/04/05 17/05/HS/GDA (B)
SAS  Developers Private Limited  1st Floor, 13-A XX, Khayaban-e-Iqbal DHA  Phase III Lahore Cell:0300-8461525 NOC Stands Expired
West Bay Town Housing 515 Ankara Shamali Khuda Bakhsh 30/04/05 18/05/HS/GDA Room No. 201,202,  Crown Plaza,Second Floor, Plot No.B-31, Block No. 13-A, Main University Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. Ph: 021-4824726
NOC Stands Expired
Blue Ocean Residency Housing 100 Chatti Junabi Aijaz Ahmed
Saeed Haroon
13/05/05 19/05/HS/GDA(B).
61/1 First Floor, G Block Market Commercial DHA, Phase-I, Lahore.
NOC restored conditionally
Old Name: Ocean City Gwadar New Name: Ocean Marina Gwadar Housing 234 Ankara Shamali Sheer Bahadur Khan Khattak

Muhammad Tariq Rafi

21/05/05 20/05/HS/GDA 18th Floor, Ocean Tower, G-3 Block 9, Scheme 5 Main Clifton Road Karachi
Ph: 021-35166667-9
NOC Stands Expired
Bin Qasim City, Gwadar  Housing 100 Chaib Kalmati Moulana Khalil Bulidi
Hafiz Mohad Ismail
17/05/2005 21/05/HS/GDA(B) Moulana Khalil BuliediHead Office, 1/10 & 1/11,Main Hassan Square Round About, Block 13/A, Gulshan-e- Iqbal Karachi.
021-49897 13
NOC Stands Expired
Broadway Residencia Housing 90 Ankara Shamali Shamaz  Usman Bukhari 29/06/2005 22/05/HS/GDA 97 - B Sector, Safari Homes, Phase 8, Street - 26 Bahria Town Rawalpindi Cell no. 0346-2018402 NOC Stands Expired
Free Port Housing Scheme No.01 Housing 200 Gamaro Abdul Ghafoor 29/06/2005 23/05/HS/GDA (B)
Abdul Ghafoor, Mohammad Ali,SC-11, Jawwad Court, Main University Road, Karachi  NOC Stands Expired
Old Name: Kaamyab City
New Name
: Gwadar Central
Housing 117 Chib Kalmati Abdul Soboor 02/07/2005 24/05/HS/GDA
157/13 Main Ferozepur Road, Lahore phone: 0321-8473052 NOC restored conditionally
GDA Bolan City Housing 100 Mazzani Shafi Mohammad
Mohd shafi.
2/07/2005 25/05/HS/GDA (B)
Shafi Mohammad S/O Murad,Habib Lashkari Ward, Gwadar
NOC Stands Expired
Canadian City Housing 310 Ankara Shumali Haji Lal Baksh
Mushtaq Khokar
14/07/2005 26/05/HS/GDA 150 G Block 1st Floor Commercial area PHase - I DHA Lahore Pakistan
phone no 042-35691061-3 Fax: 042 - 35691064
NOC restored conditionally
Jamal City Housing 100 Chatti Janoobi

Dr. Muzzafar Iqbal Hussain

15/07/2005 27/05/HS/GDA(B) Islamabad Office:
Office No. 27,28 3rd Floor, Hill View Plaza Main Jinnah Avenue Blue Area Islamabad.
Gwadar Office: Near Dashti Petrol Pump Haji Naghuman Ward Fish Harbour Road Marine Drive Gwadar
Phone No. 0864-210500,
NOC restored conditionally
Golden Lake  Housing 30 Chatti Janoobi Humayun Anwar Malik 15/07/2005 28/05/HS/GDA(B) Humayun Anwar Malik
138-Y, 1st Floor, Commercial Area, Phase-3, DHA Lahore.
  Cell: 0300-8440816
NOC restored conditionally
Gwadar City Gwadar Housing 30 Mazzani Ghulam Mehboob, Rao Samiullah 30/07/2005 29/05/HS/GDA
Rao Samiullah S/O Rafique, Ghulam Mehboob S/O Ghulam Akbar, House#180/A, Post office khairpur, Tehsil Chua Syedan Shah, Distt: Chakwal NOC Stands Expired
New World City Phase-2 Housing 350 Chaib Kalmati Meer Dad Karim, Mohd. Junid Taloo 30/07/2005 30/05/HS/GDA (B) Mohd Junaid Taloo, Mir Dad Karim2- Ground Floor Dashtiyar  Chamber Block 13-C, Opp: Urdu Science College Main University Road, Karachi
NOC Stands Expired
Platinum Sea View Gwadar



Housing 77 Darbella Shumali Mohd Ahmed Iqbal Baloch
Moha Owais
Mohd AmIR Ishaque.
17/08/2005 31/05/HS/GDA (B) Mohd Ahmed Iqbal The Plaza, Suite# 207, 2nd Floor, Khayab-i-Iqbal, Block-9, Clifton, Karachi
OC Stands Expired
Rabi City Gwadar Housing 60 Chib Kalmati Nazar Mohd.
Mohd. Saleem
20/08/2005 32/05/HS/GDA
i.Mohd Saleem S/O Musa, ii.Ghulam Hyder S/O Haji Faqir Mohammadiii.Mir Lal Bakhsh Ward Gwadar. NOC Stands Expired
Creek City


Housing 459 Mazzani Khudda Bux
Mohd. Asif Moon
Mohd. Rafique
20/08/2005 33/05/HS/GDA (B) Office No.4 Mezzanine Floor, Mazhar Arcade, Plot No. 15/121, Block - 3, B.M.C.H.S, Alamgir Road, Karachi. Phone: 021-34920470 & 021-34920472 mob:0300-8486242 & 0345-3171117 NOC Stands Expired
Global Village Gwadar Housing 30 Mazzani Iqbal Akhtar Hussain 31/08/2005 34/05/HS/GDA (B)
Get Group 24 KM Main Fferozepur Road Opposite Total Petrol Pump Lahore, Phone No.042-111000179 NOC Stands Expired
Gwadar Prime View Housing 50 Gorani (Pasni) Mir Ejaz Ahmed Buledi
Sardar Muhammad Kashif Khan
Sardar Raheem Jan Buledi
Sardar Ejaz Ahmed Khan
19/09/2005 35/05/HS/GDA (Pasni) Ejaz Ahmed Chief Executive Office # M-1,Meez  Floor, Time Apartment, Plot# SB-44,Block 13/B Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Opposite Bait-ul-Mukaram Mosque, Karachi.
Ph: 021-4967344
021- 4967355
NOC Stands Expired
Shams Developer Housing 50 Shambe Ismail Ward Mohd Shabir
Noor  Somar
Haroon Abdul Sattar
Javid Umar Vehra
Mohd Nisar
10/10/2005 36/05/HS/GDA
Raza Residiency & Mall Survey No. 890/1, Deh: thano Dist Malir, Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi
Ph: 021 - 4111538, 021-4512293
NOC Stands Expired
Old Name: Pearl Builder   New Name: The Gwadar Lagoon. Housing 260 Ankra Shumali Mohd Shabir Noor  Somar, Haroon Abdul Sattar 12/10/2005 37/05/HS/GDA Shams Builder Raza Residiency & Mall Survey No890/1, Deh thano Dist Malir,Shahrah-e- Faisal Karachi.
Ph: 021-4111538
NOC Stands Expired
Old Name: Al-Shams Builder & Developer. New Name: Al-Shams City Gwadar Housing 260 Ankara Shumali Mohd Idres, Mohd Jafer 12/10/2005 38/05/HS/GDA Head office: suite # M-2 Good Time Apartments, Block 13 B, Main University Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
Ph: 021-4979064
Cell No. 0301-8248812
NOC Stands Expired
China Village Gwadar Housing 100 Peshukan Iqbal Akhter Hussain 17/11/2005 39/05/HS/GDA(B)
Get Group 24 KM Main Fferozepur Road Opposite Total Petrol Pump Lahore, Phone No.042-111000179 NOC Stands Expired
Florida city Gwadar Housing 100 Chati Jounibi Syed

al Ahmed
A. Hameed
Ajaz Ahmed

21/11/2005 40/05/HS/GDA (B) Osif Centre Suit No-A1, Block-13H, Main University Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi Phone No. 021-4968570 - 4972239 NOC Stands Expired
Globiz Phase-IV Housing 229 Ankara Shamali. Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui and others 08/12/2005 41/05/HS/GDA
Globiz Avenue 473 - G III 1st Floor Main Boulevard Near UBL Bank  Johar Town Lahore. UAN 042 - 111414243 NOC restored conditionally
Kings Park Gwadar Housing 129 Ankara Shamali Kaneez Developers Pvt. Ltd 19/12/2005 42/05/HS/GDA
Head Office: 144-A, Muhafiz Town Gujranwala Phone: 055-4283843-44 Lahore Office: 3A XX Khayaban-e-Iqbal Phase 3, DHA, Lahore Phone: 042-111111780 NOC restored conditionally
Old Name: Marzia City/King City
New Name: Crown City Phase II
Housing 123 Chatti Shamali Lion Heart Developers (Sheikh Nadeem Ahmed & Javed Tufail) 19/12/2005 43/05/HS/GDA (B) Crown City Gwadar, Plaza No. 55 Commercial, 1st Floor, Block DD, Phase 4, DHA, Lahore Cantt.
Mobile No. 0321-8499125
Email: crowncity2018@gmail.com
NOC Stands Expired
S.N. Sahil. Housing 145 Paren Took Wasique Ali Khan 31/12/2005 44/05/HS/GDA. (B) Bunglow No. 41-U Dr. Mehmood Hussain Road, PECHS Block - 6, Off; Shahrah Faisal, Karachi. NOC Stands Expired
44 Gwadar Royal Garden Phase II Housing 875 Shabi Abdul Ghafoor 05/01/2006 45/06/HS/GDA(B)
Abdul Ghafoor watto,5-Tipu sultan Block Near Garden Town, Lahore.042-5843204, 0864-2110600300-2551536 NOC restored conditionally
45 Sara-i-Noor Housing 455 Passo M. Shafi, Mohammad Hoth 06/01/2006 46/06/HS/GDA(B)
Niazi House, 168 Multan Road, Lahore Ph: 042-7410381 NOC Stands Expired
Broadway City Gwadar Housing 165 Washin Door Syed Muserwar Ali
M.Naeem Khan.
26/01/2006 47/06/HS/GDA. NK Corporation, Javed Complex, Airport road, Gwadar.
NOC Stands Expired
Grace City Housing 123.331 Chib Kalmati Arshad Ali 03/02/2006 48/06/HS/GDA Habib Lashkari ward, Gwadar. NOC Stands Expired
Zero Point Residency Housing 83 Chib Kalmati M.Fazal Karim 06/02/2006 49/06/HS/GDA Gwadar Property Dealer service, Airport road, Gwadar. NOC Stands Expired
49 Gillan Residencia Housing 300 Ankara Shumali Malik Hafizullah 27/03/2006 50/06/HS/GDA Gillani House Opposite Lasbella Monument Main RCD Highway Hub City Lasbellah Balochistan Pakistan UAN No. 111 Gwadar URL: www.greatgwadar.com NOC Stands Expired
50 Anchor City Gwadar (SMC-Private) Limited Housing 45 Nighore Sharif Mir Hassan

Mohammad Nadeem



04/04/2006 51/06/HS/GDA(B) Office No.3, 3rd Floor Batool Arcade adjacent MCB Bank Main University Road Block 13B Gulshan-Iqbal Karachi
Shop No.6, OPPL Company, Airport road Gwadar.
NOC restored conditionally
51 Arabian City  Housing 70.23 Mazzani Mohammad Anwar

Masood Ahmed Khan

05/04/2006 52/06/HS/GDA(B)
Suit # 302, 3rd Floor, Al-Musawir Crown, Block- 10/A, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
UAN: 111-216-216 Ph: 021-4220170
NOC Stands Expired
52 Old Name: Rabia City Gwadar
New Name: Gwadar Golf City
Housing 10 Paleri Garbi Syed Jaleel-ur-Rehman & Malik Bilal 11/05/2006 53/06/HS/GDA(B)
BSM Developers Pvt. Ltd Office # 3, 1st Floor, Park Lane Towers, 172, Tufail Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Ph No. 042-36622201-5 Fax No. 042-36622206-7 NOC restored conditionally
53 Meer Gurab (HBFC) Housing 137 Sur Bandar Mir Abdul Ghafoor 15/05/2006 54/06/HS/GDA Mir Lal Bakhsh Ward, Gwadar NOC Stands Expired
54 Sharjah Center Housing 22 Chib Kalmati Mohammad Ismail Hussaini, Mohammaad Shoaib 18/05/2006 55/06/HS/GDA(B) House#B-228, Block-3, Gulistan-i-Johar, Karachi Ph:021-4029019/8266811 NOC restored conditionally
55 Falcon Homes Housing 72 Prain Tok Mohammad Asif Yousuf 01/06/2006 56/06/HS/GDA(B)
Gwadar vision, Plot#51, Khyber super market, Bara road, Peshawar NOC Stands Expired
56 Sahil City Housing 50 Shabi Ghulam Murtaza Gondal 24/06/2006 57/06/HS/GDA(B) Sigma Developers (Pvt) Ltd. Head Office suite # 4 First Floor, Balochistan Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Phonen No. 051 - 2803161-3, Mobile No. 0333 - 5001302 NOC Stands Expired
57 Crown city Housing 155 Chati Shumali Lion Heart Developers (Sheikh Nadeem Ahmed & Javed Tufail) 29/11/2006 58/06/HS/GDA(B) Crown City Gwadar, Plaza No.55 Commercial, 1st Floor, Block DD, Phase 4, DHA Lahore Cantt.
Cell No.0321-8499125
Email: crowncity2018@gmail.com
NOC restored conditionally
58 Marine City Housing 50 Robar Syed Ali Hussain 29/11/2006 59/06/HS/GDA(B)


Plot no.16, F-11/1, Al-Safa Heights Islamabad. Ph:051-2210460 NOC Stands Expired
59 Noor Marwah Housing 166 Bandi Hoth Shafi Mohammad 12/01/2007 60/07/HS/GDA(B) Near Qazi court, Fish Harbour road, Gwadar. NOC Stands Expired
60 Al-Rahim City Housing 100 Mazzani Kahuda Asif 12/01/2007 61/07/HS/GDA(B) Girls Shcool ward, Gwadar. NOC Stands Expired
61 Liberty Town Housing 23.5 Chib kalmati Haji Tariq Parvez 16/01/2007 62/07/HS/GDA 13-G, Gulshan-i-Ravi, Lahore. Phone:0333-4455832 NOC Stands Expired
62 Gwadar Sea View Housing 120 Pishukan Nazeer Ahmed 19/01/2007 63/07/HS/GDA(B) ANAMTA Builders & Developers, Off B-1, 1st floor, Islamic plaza, Block-13/A, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Karachi. Ph:021-4823215 NOC Stands Expired
63 Gulberg city Housing 96 Chati Shumali Shafiq Ahmed, Mohammad Nasir 27/02//2007 64/07/HS/GDA(B)
C-29, Sunset lane-5, PH-II Ext. D.H.A., Karachi. Ph:021-5891323 NOC Stands Expired
64 Sun Silver City Housing 430 Chati Shumali Wasique Ali Khan 12/03/2007 65/07/HS/GDA(B) Bunglow No. 41-U Dr. Mehmood Hussain Road, PECHS Block - 6, Off; Shahrah Faisal, Karachi. NObC Stands Expired
65. Northern Alliance Parcs Housing 6.69 Chib Kalmati Sheraz Khanzada Ilyas Ahmed Balor 15/04/2007 66/07/HS/GDA House # 20 Street No.9, Sector F-6/1, Islamabad. NOC Stands Expired
66. Indus City Gwadar. Housing 50 Shabi Irshad Ali Shad 24/04/2007 69/07/HS/GDA Suit No. 309, Dasthyar Chamber 3rd Floor, SB-32, Block-13-C Opp Urdu Science College Main University Road Karachi. Phone No. 02134823281 NOC restored conditionally
67. Miami Villas Housing 50 Washeen Dhore Abdul Salam 24/04/2007 68/07/HS/GDA Mekran Builder & Developers Pvt. (Ltd) B-609, Block - 13, F.B Area Karachi Phone No. 021 - 6325730 Fax No. 021 - 6374243 NOC Stands Expired
68. Coast Way Residency Housing 100 Chatti Shumali Affan Qureshi 29/05/07 70/07/HS/GDA (B) Office No.1-2 Mezzanine floor, Aqsa Towwers, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Block No. 10-A, Gulistan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Phone: 021-34999972, Email: affanqureshi10@hotmail.com NOC restored conditionally
69. Old Name: Gold Reaf City
New Name: Palm City Gwadar
Housing 54 Shabi Haji Jameel-ur-Rehman 24/04/2007 67/07/HS/GDA(B)

24-C Main Commercial Area, Sector C Bahria Town Lahore Cell: 03008384078, 03214647888

NOC restored conditionally
70. Sun Over Seas City Housing 202 Chatti Shumali Ali Ashghar, Wasique Ali Khan 17/12/2007 73/07/HS/GDA(B) Bunglow No. 41-U Dr. Mehmood Hussain Road, PECHS Block - 6, Off; Shahrah Faisal, Karachi. NOC Stands Expired
71. Sachan City Gwadar Housing 50 Mazzani Mir Ejaz Ahmed Buledi, Riaz-ul-Rahman, Rahim Bakhsh, Abdul Ghanni, Aram Khalid, Parveen,

Sud Jung, Haleema daughter of Char Shambay

05/05/2008 75/08/HSGDA(B) Office/Shop# Saleem Centre near PTCL Exchange NIPA, Block 13-C, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Main University Road Karachi. Phone No. 021-4803026-4803027 Fax No. 021-4803019 NOC restored conditionally
72. Apna City Gwadar Housing 200 Chatti Shumali Molan Illyas 10/7/2007 71/07/HS/GDA(B) Syed Chamber Office No. 301, SB-4 Gulsha-e-Iqbal Block 13-C Main University Road Karachi. Phone No. 021 - 4823659 NOC Stands Expired
73. Savaira City Gwadar Housing 172.39 Chatti Junobi S.Mohammad Ali 2/6/2009 78/09/HS/GDA Suit No. 302, 3rd Floor, Al-Musawir Crown, Adjacent Pizza Hut, Block-10 A, Main Rashid Minhas Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. Phone No. 021-4837602 Fax No. 021-4837601 NOC Stands Expired
74 Al-Ghani  Housing Scheme Housing 45 Washin Dhore Shabir Asghar 22/11/2014 81/14/H.S/GDA Koh-e-noor one Plaza 1st Floor Shop# 18 Jaranwala road Faisalabad

Tel: +92418501655

NOC restored conditionally
75 Marine Homes Housing/ Comm. 100 Ankara Junobi Ghulam Haider Dashti 20/06/2016 01/16/HS/com/GDA Marine Homes Gwadar Shop # 5,6, plot # 152-S, Prime Residency Block II PECHS sir Syed Road Karachi Tel: 021-35143644 NOC Stands Expired
76 International Port City Residential 80 Kia Kalat Muhammad Makki Mahaz 02/02/2008 74/07/HS/GDA(B) C-92 Block-9, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Phone: 021-34821231-33 NOC restored conditionally
77 Naval Anchorage Gwadar Residential 1453 Ankara Shumali Secretary Pak Naval Benevolent Association Islamabad 15/05/2017 82/17/HS/GDA Naval Head Quarter Islamabad Phone # 051-20062897 Fax# 051-9261102  


Makkah City Indus. 432 Chib Kalmati Khalil Ahmed Bulaidi, Mohammad Ismail Hussaini, Rezwan-ul-Rehman 23/07/04 01/04/IND/ GDA GF - 1, D-3 Snow White Commercial Complex near duty free shop Shahra Faisal Karachi. Phone No.021-4520045-46-48 NOC Stands Expired
Zer Industrial Industrial 250 Sur Bandar Mir Farooq 04/12/2004 02/04/IND/GDA Mir Farooq,a.Air Port Road, Gwadar.b. Suite 915, Park Avenue Block -6,PECHS Society, Shahrah-E- Faisal, Karachi.021-45441200864-210909 NOC Stands Expired
GDA Industrial Scheme No.3 Indus 280 Sur Bandar Mr. Fazal-e-Maqbool Afridi 03/02/2005 03/05/IND/GDA Plot No. 73 Town House No. 2 Swiss Cottages Block No. 4 Clifton Karachi. phone No. 021 - 5833283 NOC Stands Expired
Industrial and Cargo Village Industrial 220 Durballa Junibi Shahid Lateef 24/02/2005 01/05/CR/IND/GDA (B) Gillani House Opposite Lasbella Monument Main RCD Highway Hub City Lasbellah Balochistan Pakistan UAN No. 111 Gwadar URL: www.greatgwadar.com NOC Stands Expired
Kalmat Industrial zone Industrial 217 Sur Bandar Mir Arshad 29/04/2005 04/05/IND/GDA Mir Arshid Mir Lal Bakhsh Ward Gwadar. Phone no. 086-4210383 Mobile No. 0300-2074585
20 C, Sunset lane Phase II DHA Karachi. Mobile No. 0300-8991088
NOC Stands Expired
Habitan  Shelter Industrial 124 Jorkhan Abdul Kaliq 24/05/2005 05/05/IND/GDA Abdul KhaliqNear Madina City, Gwadar  NOC Stands Expired
Gwadar Industrial Scheme Industrial 10 Surbandar Mohd. Anwar 16/05/2005 06/05/IND/GDA
Khurshad Ahmed Anwar Khan Mandhkhel A-8, Fl-2, Kekheshan Town House, Block -5, Clifton, Karachi.
NOC Stands Expired
Dubai City Industrial 80 Darbela Junoobi Abdul Ghafoor 14/07/2005 07/05/IND/GDA(B) Abdul Ghafoor  S/O Mahaz Ahmed344-C, Street 72, Sector G-11/2, Islamabad Darbela Junoobi NOC Stands Expired
Old Name: Free Zone City
New Name: Indus Free Zone
Industrial 174.5 Karwat Mr. Afzal Ahmed Siddiqui
Mr. Rashid Naseem
30/07/2005 08/05/IND/GDA(B)

Head Office No.5 3rd floor Block B, Shafiq Plaza Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi. 74200 Phone # 021-35693148 Fax # 021-35693120 cell #0300-8252821,0321-82468884

NOC Stands Expired
10 New Dubai Heaven Avenue Industrial 10.37 Ziarat Machi Syed Rehan Qazi 17/01/2006 09/05/IND/GDA(B)
Suit# 03, 1st floor, hina center, Block-13A, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Karachi. Ph:021-4823995 NOC Stands Expired
11 Exchange city Industrial 34 Karwat Nouman Yousuf Choudhry 29/04/2006 10/05/IND/GDA(B)
108FF, Century Tower, Kalma chowk, Lahore.                     Phone: 042-5843162 NOC Stands Expired
Gwadar Creek Arena Indus/Com 123 Chib kalmati M.Asif Moon 13/10/04 01/04/IND/COM/GDA Office No.4 Mezzanine Floor, Mazhar Arcade, Plot No. 15/121, Block - 3, B.M.C.H.S, Alamgir Road, Karachi. Phone: 021-34920470 & 021-34920472 mob:0300-8486242 & 0345-3171117 NOC Stands Expired
13 Prince City Industrial 202 Jorkan Abdul Ghafoor 13/03/2007 11/07/IND/GDA

Suit # 201, 2nd Floor, Nabi Centre, Near Pizza Hut, Block 13-A, University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Tel: +92-21-4970008 Fax: +92-21-4820307

NOC Stands Expired
14. Dream City Gwadar Industrial 8 Chib Kalmati Amin Rajwani 16/04/2007 12/IND/GDA

Rajwani Associates  Gwadar Suit office: # 2, Ground floor Royal Resort Hotel, airport road Gwadar Mob # +92-3333553341

NOC Stands Expired
15. Gwadar Bara Market Industrial 10 Sur Bandar Mohammad Ali 15/12/2007 15/07/IND/GDA Mohammad Ali Foreign Trading Company, 3rd House Bara National Market, Shah Alim Market Lahore Pakistan. Phone No. 042 - 7636676. Fax No. 042 - 7668130 NOC Stands Expired
16 Akbar Industrial Park Industrial 54 Shankani Dar Mr. Akbar Ali 20/06/2016 16/16/IND/GDA SB-1 8th Floor, Halai  Building, Meer Karam Ali Talpur Road Karachi. phone # 021-35641399 cell# 03008253652 NOC restored conditionally
17 Sky Zone Industrial Scheme Gwadar Industrial 100 Ziarat Machi Sharqi Shabbir Ahmed 01/08/2012 15/08/IND/GDA Javed Complex Fish Harbour Road Gwadar. phone # 084 - 4210994 cell# 0333-3344108 NOC restored conditionally
Muscat Center Comm. 31.55 Dhore Ghatti A.AzizSangheira
Muzamil Sheikh
Faisal Idress
13/08/04 02/04/Com./GDA

A. Aziz  Sangheira Office No. 1105, 11th Floor, Uni-Tower, II - Chundharigarh Road, Karachi Phone 021-32432155

NOC Stands Expired
 Subzimandi  Comm.  69 Washin Dhore Mir Rehmat
Ilyas Ahmed
 24/07/04  01/04/Com/ GDA  Ilyas Ahmed,Office No.301,302, 3rd Floor Syeda Chamber SB No.4, Block-C, Gulshan Iqbal Karachi. 0864-4210945 , 0864-4210617 021-4973602 NOC Stands Expired
Finance Trade and Business Avenue Comm 73 Door Ghati Ashraf Hussain, Faisal Idrees, Mohammad Bilal, Tariq Hussain 26/03/05 03/05/Com/GDA Ashrif Hussain  Office No. 1105, 11th Floor, Uni - Tower, II Chundharigarh Road, Karachi phone:021-32432155 NOC restored conditionally
China Commercial Complex Comm: 4.5 Sur Bandar Mohd. Asif Yousuf 07/05/2005 04/05/Com/GDA
Mohammad Asif Yousuf S/O Mohd YousufPlot#51, Khyber super market, Bara Road, Peshawar Cantt:
NOC Stands Expired
Al-Noor Cargo City Comm: 105.51 Shanikani Dar Shafi Mohammad Hoth and Ibrar Khan Naizi 23/05/2005 05/05/Com/GDA
Abrar Khan NaiziAL –NOOr Builders & Developers Niazi, House, 168 Multan RD Lahore
NOC Stands Expired
6 China Village Jinnah Avenue Comm: 9.13 Chib Kalmati Iqbal Akhtar Hussain 01/06/2006 06/06/COM/GDA
E-65, Defence Chowk, Walton Road, Lahore.      UAN # +92-42-111-000179 NOC Stands Expired
Marjan Beach Resort Resort  01 Moza Chatti Hamid Hamza 10/03/04 06/04/B.R GDA
(Not Revalidate)
Hamid Hamza, Marjan Hotel, Gwadar.
NOC Stands Expired
Breeze- Way Resort Recreat-ional 100 Durballa Junibi Shahid Lateef 24/02/2005 01/05/REC:/HTL/GDA (B). Gillani House Opposite Lasbella Monument Main RCD Highway Hub City Lasbellah Balochistan Pakistan UAN No. 111 Gwadar URL: www.greatgwadar.com NOC Stands Expired
Golden Sands Recreat-ional 80 Darbella Junoobi Malik Habibullah Qadri 11/08/2005 02/05/Rec./Res./HTL/
Gillani House Opposite Lasbella Monument Main RCD Highway Hub City Lasbellah Balochistan Pakistan UAN No. 111 Gwadar URL: www.greatgwadar.com NOC Stands Expired
Oasis Resort Gwadar Recreat-ional 200 Darbella Shumali Malik Mohd Ashraf 20/08/2005 03/05/Rec./Res./HTL/
Gillani House Opposite Lasbella Monument Main RCD Highway Hub City Lasbellah Balochistan Pakistan UAN No. 111 Gwadar URL: www.greatgwadar.com NOC Stands Expired

Buildings N.O.C

Name of Schemes
Type of Building
Location (Mouza)
Date of Issue of NOC
Total Land Area (Acre)
Total Covered Area (Sq. Ft.)
No. of Floors
Present Status
1 Burhan Hotel Commercial Washin Dhore 01/05/BPC/Com.
12/04/05 2 127144088 (Sq.Ft) G+4
Nayer Malik S/O Naseem Ahmed Malik. 53-U, Defence Phase-II
NOC Stands Expired
  Burhan Shopping Mall Commercial Washin Dhore 01/05/BPC/Com./GDA 12/04/2005 2 127144.88 (Sq.Ft) G+4
i. Mohd Yousuf S/O Gul Ahmed.C-4, Block –I, Clifton Karachi.
ii. Noraz Khan Jadoon S/O Mir Waz Khan,G-872, Bhutta Village , Masan Road, Kemari, Karachi.
NOC Stands Expired
2 Sur Creek Hotel Hotel Surbandar 01/05/BPC/Hot/Com/GDA 21/12/2004 6.52 6744757 (Sq.Ft) G+1
 Air Port Road, Gwadar
0864-210909 0864 21147
NOC Stands Expired
3 G.D.A VIP Apartment No. 1 (Pvt.) Residential Washin Dhore 01/05/BPC/Res./GDA 17/03/2005 8.08 164506.72 (Sq.Ft) G+12
Talha Aziz Sangheira
2-A, Model Town, Sadiqabad, District Rahim Yar Khan  Cell: 0300-8770090, 0301-8770090
NOC Stands Expired
4 G.D.A Bolan Complex (Pvt.) Residential Chaib Kalmati 02/05/BPC/Res./GDA 21/05/2005 20 31229542 (Sq.Ft)  G+11
Mohd. Shafi
GDA Bolan Complex,
Suite No. Block -3
22,F-8/2, Islamabad
NOC Stands Expired
5 Taloo Trade Towers Commercial New World City, Plot No. 60, 63, 41, 38 02/05/BPC/Com/GDA 02/08/2005 4000 Sq. Yard 380408 (Sq.Ft) G+30
Junaid Ashraf Tallo,
2- Ground Floor Dashtiyar Chamber Block 13-C, Opp: Urdu Science College Main, University Road, Karachi
021-4977171, 021-4977172 021-4977173
NOC Stands Expired
6 Asia Heights Commercial New World City, Plot No. SB-11 (Com.) 03/05/BPC/Com/GDA 19th Dec. 2005 500 Sq. yard 22469.34 (Sq.Ft) G+7
Malik Kauser
Managing Director Asia Height
Wali Plaza, II Floor, Near Muslim Town Morre, Ferozpure road Lahore.
NOC Stands Expired
7 Gwadar Gymkhana Resort Platinum Sea View 02/05/BPC/Res/GDA 05/01/2006 2.04 Acres 88984 (Sq.Ft) 26444.50 (Sq Ft) G+2 Ahmed Iqbal Baloch Visionary GroupThe Plaza,Suit#207,2nd Floor,Khayaban-e-Iqbal NOC restored conditionally
8 Taheri Plaza Commercial Nigori Ward, Airport Road Gwadar. 04/06/BPC/Comm/GDA 22/06/2006 2121.66 Sq Yds 60622 (Sq Ft) G+5 Mir Shabir Hussain, Clifton, Karachi. NOC Stands Expired
9 Gwadar City Center Commercial Dhore Ghatti 05/06/BPC/Comm/GDA
11/11/2006 1.58 Acre 820079 (Sq ft) G+14 Mr. Azhar Mehmood Rawal –Asian Builder & Developer, 11,12,First floor Walayat Plaza Muree Road Rawalpindi.Ph:051-4421731 NOC Stands Expired
10 Burj-al-Gwadar Commercial Dhore Ghati, FTBA Scheme 06/07/BPC/Com/GDA 17/02/2007 1600 Sq Yds 98807 (Sq ft) G+12 Mohd Usman Tasaduq, 421-EE, D.H.A. Lahore, Ph: NOC restored conditionally
11 Gwadar Tower Commercial G.D.A Industrial Scheme 3, Surbandar 07/07/BPC/Com/GDA 17/03/2007 400 Sq Yds 20960 (Sq ft) G+7 Fazal-i-Maqbool Afridi, Plot#F-73, House#2,Swiss cottages, Block-4, Clifton Karachi Ph:0215833283/93 NOC Stands Expired
12 Gwadar Fish and Meat Market Commercial Chib Kalmati 08/07/BPC/COM/GDA 18/12/2007 05 Acres 24200 Sq.Yd 373438.02 G+4 Mr. Ayaz Ahmed, Mr. Saleem Ahmed, Suit UG2, Sohney Center, Main Karim Abad, Federal B Area Karachi NOC Stands Expired
13 Gwadar Barna Villas Residential Dhore Ghatti 03/08/BPC/RES/GDA 18/03/2008 3.605 Acres 123302 (Sq.Ft) G+1 Mr. Tariq Sarwar, Office No. 10-11 Rauf Complex, Airport Road Gwadar, Tel: 086 - 4002500 NOC Stands Expired

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