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Major Projects
Medium Projects
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Medium Size Projects for Private Investors


Establishment of restaurant, play lands, boat services and water sports etc.

  Establishment of printing press & newspaper industry
  Superstores, Markets, Tourism Industries & small level fish processing units
  As most of the people of Mekran area are serving in military & police of the Middle East Countries on retirement can be hired by the private security agencies
  According to the availability of the fresh water in the adjoining areas of Gwadar District, business such as Poultry, Dairy, Fruit & Vegetable  cultivation could be established
  Trawler/ truck Companies can be established
  Private houses could be hired by private companies for office accommodation and guest houses
  Various agencies of construction material, medicines and food items could be established
  Investment in energy sector Particularly renewable energy, LPG plants etc.
  Small ware housings.




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