Places to Visit in Gwadar

January 4, 2022

Gwadar is the port city located in the south western coast of Balochistan. Pakistan identified Gwadar as a port site as far back as 1954 when Gwadar was still under Omani rule. Gwadar Port Authority is the deepest port in the world situated on the Arabian Seas at Gwadar in Baluchistan province of Pakistan and is under administrative control of Maritime Secretary Of Pakistan and operational control of China Overseas Port Holding company.

1. Gwadar Port

Gwadar port is the cardinal part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and it holds chief importance in the extension of silk route. It is a port on the coasts of Arabian Sea which is serving as a hub for Pakistan. Gwadar port is situated on the shores of Arabian sea. The development of Gwadar Port is rebalancing the regional geo economic equilibrium as it has geo economic equilibrium as it has started addressing the economic issues of Pakistan by crating the favorable environment of inclusive cooperation with new trade routes towards the other part of world.

2. Astola Island

Astola means seven rocks. The charming island is around 40 km far from the Pasni area. You can reach there in about five hours using
motorboats from Pasni. The length of this island is 7 km whereas the width is 2.5 km. Scuba diving and fishing are some of the favourite activities
that visitors like to have on this island. You can also see many dolphins and green turtles on this island. One of the oldest temple known as “Kali
Devi Temple” can also be seen there which is quite popular among the people of the Hindu religion. A different prayer yard that was explicitly
built for Khwaja Khizr is also a historical place to see there.

3. Hammerhead

This place is called Hammerhead because of the resemblance of its shape. it was created by the mud volcano similarly to the other rocks in
Gwadar. At this place, you can outlook the Arabian Sea at your south and Gwadar city on your north.

4. Ormara Beach

This beach is the center point of Karachi and Gwadar. It has outstanding historical value because it was the pit spot of Ormuz, the general of
Alexander. It is an excellent naatural beach that is almost 5 hours drive from Karachi city. It is a low population area where the majority area of
Baloch people. This area is under the power of Pakistan Navy. Jinnah navel base which is the second biggest naval base of Pakistan is at
Ormara. The crafts of the navy can be viewed easily there.

5. The Sphinx

Egypt is the most commonplace to see the sphinx made by humans, but Gwadar gives you the facility to see them without going to Egypt.
It is a notable attraction of this place that is highly admired among visitors.

6. The Princes of Hope

It is a unique statue of a prince known as ling. This statue stands high in the mountains and looks impressive because of its clossal size.
It grabs the attention of people who visit Gwadar because of its exceptional appearance.

7. Buzi Pass

Buzi Pass is another stunning place to visit in Gwadar. You will get there using Makran Coastal Highway. While travelling around this pass, you will notice spectacular views on each side of you that will also bring a pleasant experience to you as well.

8. Hingol National Park

This park has the honor to be the most significant national park in this country. If you like a wide range of animals, then you will surely enjoy this place.
It is built in 1988 and surrounded by an area of 640 sq mi. It has around 250 species of different plants along with 185 species of numerous birds and
100 species of mammals and reptiles.

9. Desert

A coastal semi-dessert can also be seen while crossing the river bridge of Hingol. It is an ideal place to have some fun with the desert safari which you can usually enjoy in the Middle Eastern countries.

10. Baba Chandrakup

If you like to see a mud volcano, then this is a must seen place for you. To get to this place you have two options. Either go by foot and travel
around 7 km or rent a four-wheel vehicle. This mud volcano has the specialty of spitting out cold mud.

While major tourist destinations of Pakistan have massive attention among visitors, but there are still many other places that a break from your
bus life to sight the scenic gems of this country.