Gwadar Development Authority

With start of work on port in March 2002, it was expected that there will be a massive growth in the town. In order to plan/regulate this growth, Gwadar Master Plan was introduced.

Gwadar Development Authority was established in October 2003 to improve/Implement the Master Plan, which initially suggested only the land use.

After the establishment of the Authority, Internal Road Network, Land Zoning and Vision for future Gwadar was Developed / finalized. The same time the Gwadar Town Planning Regulations were adopted.

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Our Vision

With correct strategic guidance and unremitting endeavors and in line with the strategy of integrated development of “port, production and city”, Gwadar will be: A smart port city that is safe, prosperous, green and living-friendly;

Our Mission

To manage a planned growth of the city with an effective road access network, environmental and investors friendly process and supportive social service facilities. To facilitate the strategic and sustainable growth of Gwadar City by implementing an efficient road access network, fostering an environmentally conscious approach, establishing investor-friendly processes, and providing comprehensive social service facilities.

Our Top Managemetn

The city council have the real super powers as administraion to lead country.

Gwadar Development Authority

Marine Drive, Gwadar Development Authority, Gwadar Balochistan

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