GDA Projects

Project NameApproved CostExpenditurePhysical ProgressStatus
Construction of Jinnah Avenue428.182392.847CompletedCompleted
Widening of Pishukan Avenue from Airport road to Padizer Boulevard185.187184.03CompletedCompleted
Widening of Marine Drive from Governor House to Ankara Creek.315.572316.409CompletedCompleted
Wearing Course at Marine Drive towards Koh-e-Batil Westbay, Gwadar84.19283.741CompletedCompleted
Water Supply Line for Faqeer abad, Kohn Dhore, Cheel Sham, Yaseen Bazar, Appi Hali Bazar, Taj Mohammad Bazar Kappar and Darbella, Gwadar. 209.9540work order issuedUnder-Process
Underground HT/LT cabling for Electric supply of Master Plan area from Herbio Central Park to Main Circle at Governor House.57.1250.918CompletedCompleted
Underground HT/LT cabling for Electric supply of Master Plan area from Airport to GIT along Jinnah Avenue.96.72795.707CompletedCompleted
Underground cabling in Master Plan area261.702261.702CompletedCompleted
Topo Graphy Survey52.852.8CompletedCompleted
Supplying & Fixing of Shade and Benches at Marine Drive towards Koh-e-Batil along west bay Gwadar. 12.46712.132CompletedCompleted
Supply and Installation of Projection Lights, SMD Screen & Traffic Signal Lights at Gwadar46.9546.945CompletedCompleted
Supply And Installation Of Double Arm Fiber Street Light At Abdul Majeed Gwadari Road At Gwadar49.8530Foundation work in progress.Under-Process
Supply and Installation of advertising signages / hordings with all materials at different roads in GDA Master Plan Area11.99511.93CompletedCompleted
Supply and fixing of Bus Stand and sign boards along with GDA Master Plan road Network13.77413.774CompletedCompleted
Strengthing of Protectionwork along Marine Drive towards Koh-e-Batil along the west bay, Gwadar.48.22448.166CompletedCompleted
Services for Survey of Electrical load of Gwadar18.93418.934CompletedCompleted
Sand dunes Stabilization in Master Plan Area sites of GDA Gwadar.9.6356.585CompletedCompleted
Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of GDA Office Block I & II, Construction of Record Room and Oil Room.21.18421.153CompletedCompleted
Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of GDA Office Block , Construction of main Gate & Boundary Wall24.1224.112CompletedCompleted
Repair of Parking, Generator & Office Building-II at GDA Office Gwadar5.6725.671CompletedCompleted
Repair and Maintenance Work of Zone IB, 2, 3 and Sewerage Line Network at Old City Gwadar2.1892.189CompletedCompleted
Repair and Maintenance of Street Lights at Airport Road, Gwadar10.0089.973CompletedCompleted
Repair / rectification of roundabout of link road from surbandar to Coastal Highway.0.3930.393CompletedCompleted
Repair & Maintenance of Marine Drive Kahan Avenue, Jiwani Avenue, Pasni Avenue, Awaran Avenue, Chaghi Avenue, Man Avenue and Rakshan Avenue, Gwadar43.4543.45CompletedCompleted
Repair & Maintenance of Airport road, Jinnah Avenue and Gunz Avnue at Gwadar55.55755.557CompletedCompleted
Renovation Of GDA Public Higher Secondary School at Gwadar6.9794.147Retrofiting & Renovation completed. Main Gate wheel work in progress Under-Process
Rehabilitation of Baba Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo Football Stadium Gwadar17.25617.241CompletedCompleted
Recycling Plant of Sewerage Water Treatment Plant at ECHS, GDA School and Central Park at Gwadar57.99157.964CompletedCompleted
Raising of Boundary Wall of GDA Hospital, at Gwadar13.50713.489CompletedCompleted
Raising of Boundary wall / Watching Tower at GDA PHS School, Gwadar.12.32312.313CompletedCompleted
Raising of Boundary wall / Watching Tower at GDA PHS School, Gwadar12.3512.35CompletedCompleted
Providing and Supplying “Truck Mounted Combined Sewer (Suction & Jetting Machine” for GDA Sewerage Line at Gwadar19.99511.997The Truck has been delivered. Under-Process
Protection work along Marine Drive west bay335.355335.357CompletedCompleted
Preparation of PC-I of GDA Hospital at Gwadar.11CompletedCompleted
Plantation on Airport Median and Beach Model Park at Marine Dtive, Gwadar20.98420.984CompletedCompleted
Plantation of Commercial East, Pishukan Avenue & other areas of Gwadar70.915.31810% work completed. Under-Process
Plantation in Airport road Gwadar a length of 2 KM in median having 12 feet width.1.4891.45CompletedCompleted
One Window Facility at GDA Complex Gwadar.2.5422.542CompletedCompleted
Miscellaneous expenditure including Salary & Non-Development / GDA Hospital.3,077.013,077.01CompletedCompleted
Marine Drive towards Koh-e-Batil Group-III256.988201.412CompletedCompleted
Marine Drive towards Koh-e-Batil Group-II204.22202.472CompletedCompleted
Marine Drive Toward Koh-e-Batil Group-I180.202175.042CompletedCompleted
Maintenance Works of Port Road GDA Sewerage Line Networks at Old City Gwadar1.9841.984CompletedCompleted
Maintenance / Renovation of GDA PHS School at Gwadar20.31220.285CompletedCompleted
Lighting works of Mir Ghus Bakhsh Bizenjo Football Stadium at Gwadar.26.7826.733CompletedCompleted
Land Compensation. 232.767232.767CompletedCompleted
Installation of Street Lights at Commercial East, Gwadar16.03415.997CompletedCompleted
Installation of Street Light at Marine Drive, Gwadar110.111109.989CompletedCompleted
Furnitur and Equipment for Chief Engineer Office1.211.21CompletedCompleted
Fixing of Right of Way Block along Marine Drive Road from Ankara creek to Pishukan1.8611.861CompletedCompleted
Feasibilty Study to Design an Efficient Recycling plant of Swewerage Water of GDA-ECHS, GDA School, GDA Hospital & Herbio Central Park.1.7141.714CompletedCompleted
Extension of Padizer Park at GDA office complex33.07433.069CompletedCompleted
Extension of Development & plantation of GDA Central Park, Gwadar30.69230.692CompletedCompleted
Establishment of office café at GDA Office Gwadar12.80512.345CompletedCompleted
Environment (Machinery & Equipment)5.95.9CompletedCompleted
Energization of under ground HT/LT Cable for GDA Hospital.25.76525.727CompletedCompleted
Development of Beach Library, Gwadar 1.8881.198CompletedCompleted
Development and Plantation of Padizer Park & Marine Drive in front of GDA Office Complex at Gwadar.12.39212.392CompletedCompleted
Demarcation & Preservation of GDA Master Plan Road92.68785.626CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Survey of Hydraulic/Storm water Drain study and soil investigating2.5892.589CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services of minor structures (Culvert/Causeway)0.950.95CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services of Floating Jetty at Surbandar.4.554.55CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services for Third Party Valiadation. (parivat Hosuing Scheme)2.4422.442CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services for Sports complex Phase-I,II,III Gwadar55CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services for Geo-Technical Experts in the field of soil investigation at Gwadar 1.391.39CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services for District and Provincial office complex1.2511.251CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Services for design of bridge on Marine Drive3.263.26CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Service for Design of Marine Drive toward Koh-e-Batil.5.7575.757CompletedCompleted
Consultancy service for Airport road.5.3165.316CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Serivice for Sub-Soil Investigations of District office complex Marine college and existing grand mosque0.6150.615CompletedCompleted
Consultancy Desalination Plant 25MGD at Gwadar3.943.94CompletedCompleted
Consturction / Black topping of road from Airport road to Commercial East.31.89430.999CompletedCompleted
Construction/Relocation of Baldia Shops of Fazul Chowk Airport Road Gwadar8.8577.201CompletedCompleted
Construction/black topping road along Storm Water Drain 6 Km (24' wide)113.579112.95CompletedCompleted
Construction/Black topping of Airport road 10.375 Km1,294.391,109.09CompletedCompleted
Construction, renovation and maintanance of DG, GDA Guest Room at Gwadar.19.51719.517CompletedCompleted
Construction Sarawan Avenue & Ganz Avenue121.32118.159CompletedCompleted
Construction of underground water tank, Dismantling works, transformer installation & pipeline at GDA Hospital Gwadar. 21.6121.601CompletedCompleted
Construction of Storm Water Drains and Sewerage Network at Old Town Gwadar & Dore Ghatti (GDA Share)148.7148.7CompletedCompleted
Construction of Storm water Drains115.05115.05CompletedCompleted
Construction of Sports Complex350275.936CompletedCompleted
Construction of Sewerage Line for FC Camp, Gwadar. 3.3523.278CompletedCompleted
Construction of RO Plant Room, Masjid Shade, Gate Entrance, Road and Oxygen Plant Room of GDA Hospital Gwadar.15.87610.152RO Plant Room 90% Completed. Oxygen Room 90% Completed. Masjid Shade Completed. Road 95% Completed. Under-Process
Construction of Rakhshan Avenue184.256160.901CompletedCompleted
Construction of Primary Section of GDA PHS School, Gwadar. 75.89975.899CompletedCompleted
Construction of Pishukan Avenue51.65446.456CompletedCompleted
Construction of Pavalion of Senator Ishaque Cricket Stadium at Gwadar9.4888.718CompletedCompleted
Construction of Pasni Avenue82.2579.098CompletedCompleted
Construction of Padizer Boulevard340.123315.574CompletedCompleted
Construction of New Medical Store at GDA Hospital Gwadar. 1.1091.108CompletedCompleted
Construction of Model Circle123.254101.204CompletedCompleted
Construction of Masjid and External Works of Primary Section at GDA PHS School, Gwadar35.169.265Canteen & Gazbos completed Masjid 30% Completed Under-Process
Construction of Marine Drive650.125567.888CompletedCompleted
Construction of Mand Avenue102.63496.012CompletedCompleted
Construction of Main Circle105.654102.751CompletedCompleted
Construction of Kharan Avenue116.32413.888CompletedCompleted
Construction of Kalmat Avenue78.56467.352CompletedCompleted
Construction of Kahan Avenue158.658148.162CompletedCompleted
Construction of Junior Doctor Flats in GDA 50 Bed Hospital at Gwadar.28.10827.31CompletedCompleted
Construction of Jiwani Avenue172.154156.572CompletedCompleted
Construction of Herboi Central Park64.9964.99CompletedCompleted
Construction of Hangol Avenue8.4628.462CompletedCompleted
Construction of Gorab Housing Scheme295.491219.603CompletedCompleted
Construction of GDA School with Teacher Residencies and Hostel260.354251.24CompletedCompleted
Construction of GDA Parking and allied facilities at GDA office51.65551.655CompletedCompleted
Construction of GDA office Block-II19.3919.39CompletedCompleted
Construction of GDA Annex & Block-I11.65311.653CompletedCompleted
Construction of Floating Jetty at Fish Landing Jetty Surbandar67.26164.365CompletedCompleted
Construction of District and Provincial office complexes431.249431.249CompletedCompleted
Construction of Commercial East40.25435.243CompletedCompleted
Construction of Chagai Avenue134.268123.508CompletedCompleted
Construction of Bridge on Marine Drive178.198176.441CompletedCompleted
Construction of Boundary wall GDA office complex4.6634.663CompletedCompleted
Construction of Boundary wall for high school at Surbandar4.2494.249CompletedCompleted
Construction of Boundary Wall & Parking Works of GDA Beach Model Park at, Gwadar17.8364.431Boundary Wall 75% Completed. Tiles fixing in progress. Solar Poles in Foundation in Progress. Parking works 25% CompletedUnder-Process
Construction of Boat Parking at Marine Drive, Gwadar351.299351.299CompletedCompleted
Construction of Bela Avenue41.35639.988CompletedCompleted
Construction of Balochistan Broadway375.45348.603CompletedCompleted
Construction of Awaran Avenue112.025108.429CompletedCompleted
Construction of Auditorium at GDA PHSS 35.535.037CompletedCompleted
Construction of approach road Pishukan Jetty69.6467.643CompletedCompleted
Construction of additional work of GDA Hospital Gwadar13.93413.934CompletedCompleted
Construction of Additional room and renovation, maintenance work of DG Guest House at GDA Office Complex, Gwadar.5.6185.618CompletedCompleted
Construction of Access Road and Parking Shade at GDA Hospital, Gwadar6.2636.263CompletedCompleted
Construction of 50 Bedded Hospital with residential facilities.191.184174.167CompletedCompleted
Construction and lighting works at Model Park56.23456.141CompletedCompleted
Construction /Black topping of road Network old town Gwadar (Zone-4)58.71658.716CompletedCompleted
Construction /Black topping of road Network old town Gwadar (Zone-2)37.1518.828Earthwork CompletedUnder-Process
Construction / extension of admin Block GDA-PHSS at Gwadar22.1622.145CompletedCompleted
Construction / Blacktopping of Western Access Road From Coastal Highway to New Airport Gwadar87.85386.859CompletedCompleted
Construction / Black topping of road Network for Old Town Gwadar, (Zone 1 B & 3) 42.35942.359CompletedCompleted
Construction / Black topping of Marine Drive towards Koh-e-Batil Extension 1.213Km132.18340.483The work is suspended due to compensation issuesUnder-Process
Coconut Plantation in Master Plan sites for GDA Gwadar1.8691.48CompletedCompleted
Allied facilities for Senator Mohammad Ishaque Cricket Stadium at Gwadar3.6743.672CompletedCompleted
Airport road from the Coast Hospital to PHE Water works.56.89953.918CompletedCompleted
Airport road from Javed Complex to The Coast Hospital.55.08853.041CompletedCompleted
Additional Work of Mir Ghous Bakhsh Football Stadium at Gwadar10.20810.044CompletedCompleted

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