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Gwadar Port

Gwadar Port is a warm water, Deep Sea Port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar, Balochistan.

Gwadar Fish Harbour Cum Mini Port

In 1988 a Belgium firm was awarded a contract to build a small “fish harbour cum mini port” at Gwadar which completed in December 1992. In 1991 the concept of deep water port at Gwadar was formally conceived by the Govt of Pakistan.

Between 1988 and 1992 BESIX, a Belgian civil works company carried out the civil works for Gwadar Fish Harbour Cum Mini Port Project in Pakistan on turnkey basis. For this project Indus Resources & its associated company Zukas International provided services to BESIX as their major local support & also represented them for their one year warranty period in Pakistan.

Services provided to BESIX are :

1- Major Local Supply House for General & Specialized items/products for the project

2- Supply of Low Tension Switchgear

3- Supply of Control & Power Cables and their Joints

4- Maintenance of Dredger for all Electrical Problems

5- Maintenance of Electrical Generators and Motors (rewinding and other rectifcations)

6- Maintenance of Complete Air Conditioning System

7- Repair & Maintenance of different Electronic Equipment including UPS & Computers

8- Mechanical Fabrication Jobs

9- Carried out all Supply, Installation, Repair & Maintenance jobs during one year warranty period after handing over of the project to the port authorities by BESIX





Astola Island

Astola means seven rocks. The charming island is around 40 km far from the Pasni fisherman town. You can reach there in about five hours using motorboats from Pasni. The length of this island is 7 km whereas the width is 2.5 km.



This place is called Hammerhead because of the resemblance of its shape. it was created by the mud volcano similarly to the other rocks in Gwadar. At this place, you can outlook the Arabian Sea at your south and Gwadar city on your north.

Ormara Beach

Ormara is the center point of Karachi and Gwadar. It has outstanding historical value because it was the pit spot of Ormuz, the general of Alexander. It is an excellent natural beach that is almost 5 hours drive from Karachi city.

Kapasi Beach at Koh-e-Batail Gwadar

Which is located at the back side of Koh-e-Batil Gwadar in the Arabian Sea. The stairs that lead to the beach and view the beautiful sunset of Arabian Sea.

Sunset Park Gwadar

The Sunset Park is located at Hammerheads in Sanghar Housing Scheme and famous for sunset viewing.

Buzi Pass

Buzi Pass is another stunning place to visit in Gwadar district. You will get there using Makran Coastal Highway. While traveling around this pass, you will notice spectacular views on each side.


A coastal semi-dessert can also be seen while crossing the Pasni town. It is an ideal place to have some fun with the desert safari which you can usually enjoy in the Middle Eastern countries.

Jiwani, Gwadar

Jiwani is located between Gwadar and Chabahar at the eastern end of the Gwadar Bay. The area around the bay includes an important mangrove forest extending across the international border. Jiwani is famous for hosting the last sunset of Pakistan and it blows you away with a great view of the ocean, flurry winds, restless tides and an amazing sunset.

Love Gwadar

Love Gwadar located at Marine Drive in front of Gwadar Tourist Motel.

Love Gwadar

Daran, Jewani Balochistan

Balochistan is known because of its beautiful beaches that one can easily access through Makran Coastal Highway but there are more beaches which are unexplored such as Daran beach.

Victoria Hut, Jewani Balochistan

Queen Victoria know about the sunset beauty of that area. So she desire to witness this beauty moment personally and a hut was constructed for queen on the coast in 1941.

Gwadar Marine Drive

Marine Drive is one of the key infrastructure development in Gwadar. it’s long streach of road along the very beautiful Gwadar beach. The multiple lines of this road link will ease the traffic flow in Gwadar.

Padizer Park, Marine Drive

Padizer Park is located near GDA Office Complex at Marine Drive.

Sad-e Kandag Kohebatel Gwadar

Sad-e Kandag is most famous tourist attraction place in Gwadar. You can climb more-then 500 steps to reach the top of the Kohebatel to see the beauty of Gwadar town.

GDA Beach Model Park

GDA Beach Model Park is located at on west-bay of Gwadar near Deputy Commissioner Office.


Surbanden is located eastern side of Gwadar and GDA constructed mini fish harbour to facilitate local fisherman.


Pishukan is a fisherman village, that is located at the eastern end of Gwadar bay. GDA constructed mini fish harbour in Pishukan to facilitate local fisherman.

Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Ganz Fisherman Village, Gwadar

The Ganz is located at west corner of Gwadar town near boarder of Iran. The noticeable attractions nearby mountains that are shaped in particular way to from a pallet like structure. Ganz beach has been recommended for surfing.

GDA Herboie Central Park, Gwadar

GDA Herboie Park is located near GDA Grand Masjid at Jinnah Avenue, Gwadar.

Gwadar Development Authority

Marine Drive, Gwadar Development Authority, Gwadar Balochistan

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