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Short Term Planning

The area along East Bay Expressway enjoys good development conditions and spatial momentum. The existing urban area and the area along East Bay Expressway are therefore, key development areas in the short term. Besides, as the city’s development needs huge funds in the short term and industries are still in their initial stage and policy support needs to be put in place gradually, the city will have more spending and less income even if financial support from the higher-level government is included. In order to acquired startup funds for the city’s short-term development, GDA plans to incorporate all government-owned land (mostly located in CBD) into short-term construction.35 Therefore, the urban development area planned for the short term is 118.0 sq. km, with an incremental population of about 160,000 and an increased employed population of 90,000 to 120,000. 

As regards to land supply, in the short term, Industrial Land and Warehouse Logistics Land are combined to total 2,172 ha. Business & Commercial Land totals 590 ha.
Residential Land totals 3,933 ha. Business & Residential Mixed Land totals 587 ha. As regards to industrial development, it is suggested to provide sufficient policy support to the Free Zone to facilitate the construction of the Northern Zone and speed up the construction of existing industrial parks such as GIEDA. Efforts should be made to improve supporting facilities for fishing industry and encourage the development of aquaculture and pelagic fishery. Efforts shall be made to enable the settlement of oil refinery projects in the Oil City in the east (It is not within the planning boundary but its urban service relies on Gwadar’s urban area).

As regards to large public service facilities and parks, emphasis will be placed on the improvement of existing facilities, including the extension of GDA Hospital to increase the number of beds to 300(the General Hospital and the rest of the hospitals at lower levels to be constructed according to actual need), construction of Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute, and continued construction of the University of TURBAT and
the Sports Complex.

In terms of large-scale transport facilities, while maintaining the existing function of N10 as a transmit road, it is proposed to complete the construction of East Bay Expressway (in the short term, other existing urban roads should maintain their existing functions while newly planned urban roads should be constructed according to actual needs). The new airport will be constructed as scheduled. The fishing port in the old city will be relocated to the typhoon shelter in West Bay. Based on the first-phase construction, the Gwadar Port will be extended (including supporting shipping lane and breakwater projects) to form a port coastline totaling 4,031m, with a land area of 2km2and a total designed handling capacity of 38.7 million tons per year.

As regards to the smart city, MAN (metropolitan area network) and fiber broadband network, it will be constructed in the short term in order to increase the coverage of 4G network and improve its service capacity. A data center (equipment needed in the short term to be installed in the emergency command sub-center for safe city) and a disaster recovery data center will be constructed. A smart city operation center (co-established with the emergency command sub-center) will be constructed. A platform for data sharing and exchange to enable sharing of data from core departments and a public database and an urban operation and management gateway will be established. IoT sensing devices will be installed in several demonstration sites.

As regards to the safe city, emphasis will be placed on the construction of the urban emergency command sub-center, fences and checkpoints around the core area, fences around key facilities, security infrastructure, and network infrastructure. Video monitoring equipment will be installed in key areas in line with the strategy for smart city construction. Administrative systems will be introduced to exercise regulation on population and vehicles.

As regard to municipal facilities, priority projects for the short term will be launched as
(1) Water supply engineering. East Bay Desalination Plant will be constructed, with a handling capacity of 70,000 m³ per day. Another desalination plant in the Free Zone will also be constructed, with a handling capacity of 5,000 m³ per day.
(2) Reclaimed water engineering. One Reclaimed Water Plant (east bay) with a handling capacity of 15,000 m³ per day, Three Reclaimed Water Plants (west bay) with a handling capacity of 15,000 m³ per day, and Free Zone Reclaimed Water Plant with a handling capacity of 7,000 m³ per day will be constructed. After their completion, the total supply of reclaimed water will add up to 32,000 m³ per day.
(3) Drainage engineering. It is forecasted that sewage volume will amount to 51,000 m³ per day, with a centralized collection rate of 0.7. One Wastewater Treatment Plant (east bay) with a treatment capacity of 20,000 m³ per day, Three Wastewater Treatment Plant (east bay) with a treatment capacity of 5,000 m³ per day, Three
(4) Wastewater Treatment Plant (west bay) with a treatment capacity of 20,000 m³ per
day, and Free Zone Sewage Plant with a treatment capacity of 10,000 m³ per day will be constructed.
(5) Electric power engineering. 2*150MW coal-fired generating units will be constructed in East Bay. Distributed generation equipment will be installed in the startup area of the Free Zone. PV power stations will be built to supply electricity to desalination plants. Two 220kv transformer substations and ten 132kv transformer substations will be constructed, in which one was upgraded from existing 66kV transformer substations.
(6) Telecommunication engineering. A CATV building will be constructed; A IDC building will be constructed and placed in the safe city emergency command sub-center
in the short term.

(7) Gas engineering. A LNG terminal will be built at Gwadar Port to provide gas for urban residents via MG mid-pressure pipes.
(8) Sanitary engineering. A waste landfill and 22 waste transfer stations will be constructed.

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