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Contract Awarding Procedure

Projects are as a first step, advertised in major newspapers of the country with the appropriate heading, depending on their nature. Tender notices and Pre-Qualification Notices are dealt with via their respective directorates, indicated at the end of each advertisement. The projects that the PMO is responsible for have a different procedure.

Depending on the nature, size and scope of the project, an advertisement for an Expression of Interest (EOI) is placed in the newspaper. Usually an EOI form prepared by the CDA is uploaded on to the CDA website with prospective developers required to download the form and fill it out as necessary. This stage of the process is relatively uncomplicated and straightforward, mainly serving as an indicator to evaluators in the CDA as to the experience and expertise of prospective developers.

Responses to the EOI are then evaluated, with qualified parties advancing to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) stage where they are provided with the RFQ document, outlining specific project-related requirements which they are then required to satisfy. After prospective developers submit RFQs, they are then evaluated again and the evaluated proposers provided with a Request for Proposal document. This document is very precise and detailed, requiring specific Technical and Financial details of the project. Finally, after the RFPs have been evaluated, one developer is chosen and a contract is entered into, depending on the nature and scope of the venture.

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