GDA Hospital

GDA Hospital, Gwadar

To improve the health sector in Gwadar and bring modern medical facilities to the people at their doorsteps, the GDA Hospital in Gwadar has been handed over to Indus Hospital Karachi by the Balochistan government.

Indus Hospital was known for its quality of services in the field of social and health services in the country.

“All high standard and modern treatment facilities provided in Indus Hospital Karachi would be available free of cost in GDA Hospital Gwadar,” Press Secretary to CM Balochistan told newsmen.

Terming it a landmark step, he said Indus Hospital would be the first hospital in Balochistan province where the best doctors and paramedical staff of Karachi would be available round the clock with modern medical equipment.

Under the auspices of the provincial government, a ceremony was held at Gwadar to hand over the management of GDA Hospital to the Indus Hospital. Member of Provincial Assembly Mir Hammal Kalmati was the special guest of the ceremony

The administration of Indus Hospital and a large number of people of Gwadar were also present in the ceremony.

While addressing the ceremony, MPA said the provincial government under the leadership of Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bezinjo was working day and night to ensure the provision of modern medical facilities to the people of Gwadar and rest of the province. “The results of the government initiative have started to emerge now.”

An MoU was signed on the occasion of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s last visit to Gwadar with regards to handover of GDA Hospital to Indus Hospital.

He said the people of Gwadar were well aware of the performance and reputation of Indus Hospital.

“With the handover of GDA Hospital to Indus Hospital, the latest treatment facilities at the local level will be provided to the people of Makran Division including Gwadar,” MPA maintained.

Trauma Course

Trauma Course Successfully Conducted at GDA Hospital, Gwadar

Published on June 16, 2023

A team from Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), Karachi Campus, successfully conducted a two-day Trauma Course at Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) Hospital in Gwadar from June 13 to 16, 2023. The course, which was divided into two groups, aimed to enhance participants’ competence and awareness of standard trauma protocols. 

The trainers’ team, comprised of distinguished experts from IHHN Karachi, including Mehreen Aman Ali, Pediatrics Manager Nursing; Rozina Shezad Ramji, Senior Manager Nursing; and Sheikh Mohd Ayaz, Instructor, Nursing Education Services, delivered comprehensive training supported by Dr. Aftab Ahmed, Head of Gwadar Campus, and Saima Ali Shah, Head of Nursing.

The primary objective of the training course was to equip the medical staff at GDA Hospital with essential lifesaving skills and knowledge, ensuring they are always prepared to handle emergency situations efficiently. Participants received in-depth guidance on basic trauma management protocols, enabling them to provide immediate and effective care to critically injured patients.

At the conclusion of the course, certificates were awarded to all participants as a testament to their successful completion of the training.

The Trauma Course organized by IHHN Karachi at GDA Hospital exemplifies the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and capacity building in the medical field. Through such initiatives, IHHN continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing healthcare standards and empowering healthcare professionals in the Gwadar community and across the country.

نگران وزیراعلیٰ بلوچستان کا دورہ جی ڈی اے اسپتال گوادر


نگران وزیراعلیٰ بلوچستان میر علی مردان خان ڈومکی جی ڈی اے اسپتال گوادر کے مختلف شعبوں کا معائینہ کر رہے ہیں۔

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